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Yes. You do not need to be a specific amount of months postpartum to attend. This class is designed for mom’s going through postpartum life at any stage. If you have babies or toddlers, you will benefit from the specific objectives of each class. As an added bonus, you’ll make some amazing friends along the way! 

My baby is over 12 months old. Can I still take a postnatal class?

If you are cleared for exercise and feel comfortable doing a workout, then you can participate in my classes. My programs are designed to help you move safely and allow you to go at your pace. Reach out to me so I can guide you into an appropriate class tailored to your level of fitness.

Are your programs suitable for any fitness level and at any stage postpartum?

In a nutshell, Pilates will provide a deep understanding and connection with your core, while providing stability within the body. Essentrics will give you a full body workout that focuses more on flexibility, range of motion and includes large dynamic sequences. Both programs beautifully compliment one another! Although my classes are defined as one vs the other, you’ll likely see techniques of each program woven into your classes.

What’s the difference between Pilates and Essentrics? 

Yes, all my classes are designed for all fitness levels. These workouts will be easy to follow along, gentle enough to leave you feeling good but challenging enough to improve your strength, balance, posture and mobility. If you are concerned about keeping up, or have extra mobility concerns, please contact me to discuss. Perhaps a few private training sessions to get you started would be a good idea!

What if i’m new to Pilates or Essentrics? Are your classes suitable for beginners?


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